Mr Smith Had 4 Daughters

“Mr Smith Had 4 Daughters” Puzzle going viral in this pandamic: Here is the answer


‘Mr Smith Had Four Daughters’ riddle has been moving viral around  social media once again. Read below to know the answer to this confusing puzzle.

The ongoing coronavirus lockdown (pandemic) has put many people under the constraints of their homes. As all people practice social distancing and self-isolation, they have found unique ways to entertain themselves during the day. While some spend time watching TV shows and movies, others engage in reading books, cooking, or board games. There is a new puzzle to solve on social media, going viral these days, like Mr smith daughter riddle. With these various more unique puzzles popping up for people to engage in some brain-stimulating activity, some old riddles have also found their way back to engage people. Below is a riddle for you.

Mr Smith Had Four Daughters Puzzle:

Here comes the puzzle of Mr Smith Had Four Daughters. The complete riddle is, “Mr Smith had Four daughters, each daughter had a brother. How many children does Mr Smith have?”  This sounds simple and easy to solve, yet most people confuse due to sentence formation.

You might come across this riddle too “Mr Smith had 4 daughters, each daughter had 4 brothers. How many children do Mr Smith have?”  but Mr smith had 4 daughters answers for both the questions are identical. Because in the second riddle, they confused giving four brothers, but it is a brother for each daughter.

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Mr Smith had 4 daughters riddle answer.

In this riddle, the sentence formed is in the present tense. It says that Mr smith presently having all his children alive. So each sister has a brother who is a male. One male is enough to call him a brother by all his(smith) daughters.  Then Mr Smith will have one son and four daughters, which is nothing but five children in total.

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This pandemic has given you some pretty good time to learn. Be strong in grammar, Improve your communication skills, Solve such Brainstorming puzzles and enhance your knowledge.

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