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Fitted Silhouettes vs Loose-fitting, Which is Best in winter clothes?

Introduction :

There is nothing better and dreamier then sipping on a hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter evening. However, to enjoy the winter clothes to its fullest, you need proper clothing layers to keep you warm.

Staying warm and maintaining body temperature is more manageable if you choose appropriate clothing.

 Besides the fabric, materials, and quality of the winter apparel, one thing that matters the most is its fitting.

The primary dilemma regarding one face while choosing winter clothes is whether it should have a tight silhouette structure or a loose-fitting.

So here we go making your choice easier!

Loose-fitting winter clothes are the win-win

According to our research and analysis, we have concluded that loose-fitting cloth is much better for winters compared to a tight-fit. A body-hugging piece of clothing may restrict your blood circulation, keeping it from being able to remain warm.

On the contrary, a loose-fitting cloth will be able to let your body breathe, maintaining the airflow, and thus the blood circulation.

Therefore, a loose clothing style enables your body to remain warm in cold weather, letting you enjoy the cold breezes gushing against your skin.

There are various clothing and accessories options to pick from while shopping for loose-fitting winter wear.

Go through this article to learn about the six most famous pieces of winter clothing that will help you transform your winter look into a comfortable yet stylish one.

  • Woollen Sweater


How I love to cuddle that woollen sweater, but don’t’ we all?

Wool has been used to keep warm for centuries now, and thus, a wool sweater is must-have winter wear. The soft and fuzzy material keeps you fully protected from the external cold and also provides you with comfort and style.

 A sweater that is fitted tightly onto your body is only bringing your skin closer to the cold air, making the wool less likely to keep you warm. That is why a sweater with loose-fitting is ideal in chilly winter nights.

  • Oversized sweatshirt

An oversized sweatshirt is one of the most sought-after items amongst winter outfits. If you are looking for something that keeps you warm, cosy, and comfortable during a windy winter, then nothing could be better than a soft, fuzzy oversized sweatshirt.

It comes in various styles, such as rugged, off-the-shoulder, long, cropped, and many more. Moreover, it allows you to gain a few extra pounds during chilly holidays without anybody noticing.

What more could you ask for?

On the contrary, fitted sweatshirts are great for exercising and gym but not suitable for keeping you warm during winters.

  • Leather Jacket

Leather is the most effective yet stylish material when it comes to keeping you warm.

The thick fabric blocks even the freezing winds from touching you. It forms a barrier of insulation and traps your body heat, which keeps it from leaving you.

Moreover, leather jackets give you a trendy style that’s urban and classy at the same time.

So, it’s time to grab this incredible piece for your winter and enjoy a classy yet sophisticated looking leather jacket for your winter.

Pair it up with jeans, casual trousers, and a polo. You are ready to set fire during the chills.

  • Fur Skirts

Fur skirts are the trendiest winter wear this season. They help you keep your legs warm while looking fashionable and chic.

The fur is a heat-inducing material that will keep your legs from getting cold, unlike skirts made from regular fabric. If the weather is too cold or if you are one of those who get out too quickly, then you can also add another layer of bottoms underneath without anybody noticing it.

 If the skirt is too tight, you may feel discomfort while walking, sitting, or doing any other task that requires movement. A loose-fitting fur skirt will not only give your attire a stylish and chic look, but it will also provide you with cosiness, warmth, and comfort.

  • Winter dress with long boots

Who doesn’t love dresses?

A loose dress gives you the liberty to tie a belt around the waist and stylishly drape a scarf without worrying about going wrong.

A loose winter dress with stockings can probably be the most comfortable dress you can have sitting in your wardrobe this winter.

The best combo?

The dress with long boots and beanie.

Oh my!

You are worthy of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

  • Scarves

We cannot feel or move our ears, but when they get cold, oh, boy!! Cold ears can make you extremely uncomfortable and cold. To stay warm in chilly weather, we should always cover our ears and feet without any second thoughts.

When the ears are left exposed to the cold winds, the cold weather enters your body, making you cold despite wearing warm tops and bottoms.

Scarves work for both genders exuding the riveting charm of winters flawlessly.

As a woman, you have the liberty to wear it or drape it; either way, you are set to give off charming vibes. As for men, tie it loosely around your neck, and you have that charismatic next-door hunk look!

  • The bottom line

Besides these winter wear options, there are also several other styles, fabric, and materials available to keep you warm. With so many different options available in loose-fitting winter clothes. Now you don’t have to choose between staying warm and comfortable or stylish and fashionable.

Wearing loosely fitted winter wear and accessory is the essence of having pleasant chilly weather.

 Winters are a unique period as it includes holidays, family, games, and fun. It is also an immensely precious blessing from nature as our surroundings become more beautiful and peaceful during chilly winter nights.

In all, winters are something to enjoy, not be scared of.

With the right amount of layering, correct fitting that is not too tight, and appropriate accessories, you can enjoy this calm weather to the fullest while remaining in style.

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